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Covid-19 Effect |IMF report says: Global growth is in worst situation than earlier financial crisis.

Covid-19 Effect |IMF report says: Global growth is in worst situation than earlier financial crisis. x An exceptional situation emerged in global economy due to Covid-19 pandemic world wide. Most of the countries have to shut their corporate operations and lockdown their cities due to Covid-19 outbreak. This resulted in world wide down fall of economy and financial crisis.     As per the latest Global Financial Stability Report (GFSR) of IMF, Global growth is now expected to decline by 3 percent in 2020, which is the worst performance than the earlier global financial crisis. What is more dangerous is that IMF stated that the future recovery from this downfall is highly uncertain. The time period and shape of this crisis recovery is undefined right now. Covid-19 Effect on Equity Markets As per IMF equity markets faced their fastest drop in the history and asset price decreased up to about half of the scale seen in the 2008 financial crisis. Price ear

5 million+ Covid-19 cases | 330,000 Died| It seems God agree Thanos of Marvel Cinematic universe.

5 million+ Covid-19 cases | 330,000 Died| It seems God agree Thanos of Marvel Cinematic universe.

As of now more than 5 million positive cases of Covid-19 have been registered all over the world and at least 330,000 people have died. Covid-19 is turning out to be the mass massacre of human race.

We can say that Covid-19 has brought a worst time for entire human race. However at the same time, Nature is smiling. Rivers are cleaner, air is less polluted, and animals are happily roaming on the streets.  It seems God agree the philosophy of marvel super villain Thanos. What do you think? Let’s take a deep dive in this and understand the current scenario with Nature vs Human perspective.

Carnage of Humans

If we look at the worldwide figures on 22nd may, more than 5,197,000 coronavirus positive cases have been registered and at least 334,600 people died.

US have more than 1,620,902 positive cases of Covid-19 and 96,354 people have died. Russia recorded 317,554 positive cases of Covid-19 and 3099 deaths. UK 250,908 positive coronavirus cases and 36042 died. Italy is still suffering with 228,006 positive Covid-19 cases and 32,486 deaths.

It seems like carnage is going on all over the world, human race is facing its worst situation. But on the other hand, nature is experiencing its best time on earth since, the human evolution. The carbon dioxide is decreasing in air; nitrogen dioxide pollution is decreased from 30 to 50 per cent in major cities. Animal are walking freely on streets. 

All this, some how approves the idea of Marvel super villain Thanos. I know it’s too much to say that but we are actually witnessing the outcome of that philosophy. In order to understand this logic completely, let’s understand the Philosophy of Thanos.

Thanos Philosophy

As per Thanos of Marvel, the resources in this universe are limited and evolved human race is much more in numbers than the resources. The consumption of nature by humans is far too much than its presence, Hence, in order to balance the universe the human population should be decreased.

Yes, off course, unacceptable right! However look at this as a nature’s perspective. We, humans, we are destructing the nature for our evolution. Hence nature gives us back with floods, earthquake and other several natural disasters. 
Hence, you can say that, the almighty God, who controls the universe, is in the support of nature on this. Because for God, all the living being are equal and they must be taken care of. Now you can understand that this is the God’s way to punish us for our deeds.

Balancing act of God

It seems that God is doing balancing act here. In fact you might consider the previous pandemic like plague and other natural disasters as the same.
No I am not saying mass massacre is justified for better environment and better human life. I am saying, though we as a human disapprove Thanos philosophy, Nature approves it. Because for nature, we are the invaders, we are killers; we the humans destroyed the planet earth for our better life.

Coexist with Nature

We as a human, some how we think that this earth is our property, we have right to do whatever we like with this planet and that is the big mistake we are making. Every living being on earth has equal right to live.

Therefore, we need to learn from this Covid-19 crisis now, that nature is above us. We still don’t have the vaccine for coronavirus infection; we are helpless in front of nature. No matter how much we evolve, nature will be always above us.

We need to learn to respect the nature; we need to learn to coexist with nature, we have to take care of this planet earth better than ever. So that God don’t have to punish us.


Though, it seems God is doing balancing act as per the Thanos philosophy, Mass massacre is not a solution. Solution lies within us, humans. We have to stop harming nature; we have to develop the lifestyle, which coexist with the other living being on earth.  We have to respect nature like never before, so that nature doesn’t react negatively on us. We have to understand that God loves the nature as much as he loves us.

“Hence, human need not to die for better planet earth. Human needs to coexist happily with the nature.”

Writer: Chandansinh Vaghela

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